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Inpatient Information


Name: Janne Amon Sepällä

D.O.B.: November 17, 1988

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Date of admission: 3/18/2014


Narcissistic Personality Disorder (fanatical narcissism)
Body Dysmorphic Disorder


Height: 6’2”

Weight: 175 lbs

Hair: naturally blonde

Eyes: green

Distinguishing features: Tattoos over both arms, torso, and chest area

Blood type: B+

Ethnicity: Scandinavian


Janne’s parents only wanted the best for their sons. They placed pressure on them, as some parents tend to do, to be the best, at everything they tried. From a young age, Janne was obsessed with the idea of his own greatness, his own perfection, obsessing over it to the point of neurosis. But greatness did not come easily to Janne, the way it seemed to grace his brother Ragnar. The envy he felt was irrational, even if Ragnar had only done slightly better than him on a test, or been invited to something Janne did not, Janne would let it fester for days and days.
In his adolescence, he grew more self-absorbed, more distant, found himself wanting more from people in relationships than they were willing to give, wanting constant affirmation and attention from the boys he dated, and would become demanding and harsh when it wasn’t willfully given. He found himself having trouble understanding their needs, unable to understand their feelings, and began to feel as though perhaps these boys weren’t like him, that maybe nobody at all was like him.
He became fixated on this notion, began to believe that he really was not human at all. He began to think that perhaps there had been pressure to be perfect all those years, because he was, inherently, perfect, and his parents had simply wanted him to realize that. Janne became wrapped up in the idea of his own perfection, obsessed with maintaining it, and that obsession combined with his inherent lack of empathy or understanding led to further mental breaks, until he began to suffer with delusions of grandeur, believing that he was Loki, the Norse god from the legends he’d been told as a child, incarnated into a human form.
This delusion only fueled his narcissism and obsession, and as he passed from adolescence into adulthood, he grew ever more afflicted. Because he believes he is a god, he is convinced he must maintain perfection, including physical perfection. While typically his vanity is extremely high, occasionally he will become fixated on what he perceives to be a flaw, and will not hesitate to attempt to remove it by any means, believing that any harm that comes to his physical body does not matter, since it houses an immortal soul.
Once such instance of this was what landed Janne in Hope Grove to begin with. His parents had inevitably noticed his problems, and although they had tried to explain away his vanity and difficulty connecting with others as just part of his temperament, they could not ignore the delusions. Janne, however, refused to seek help, insisting that there was absolutely nothing wrong with him, and would get violent if they tried to take him to therapy by force. Janne had difficulty holding down any sort of work - not that he believed he should have to work anyway - but his parents were wealthy enough to pay him to stay underground, out of sight. But that was the life he’d wanted anyway. His hedonism landed him in a string of relationships, boys who were drawn to him but always ended up leaving upon realizing just how deluded he is. One particular week, Janne had been especially preoccupied with a birthmark on his arm. He grew tired of it marking his otherwise blemishless skin and decided to get rid of it, taking a knife to his arm and trying to cut it out, until the boy he was with at the time - Janne cannot remember his name now, he doesn’t quite remember any of their names - discovered him. Quickly realizing that Janne would not listen to reason, the boy panicked and ended up informing Ragnar. His family had known of his problems, but had not been aware of the extent he was willing to go, had not known he would gladly self-mutilate in hopes of achieving perfection. Since he would not go to therapy, and clearly was beyond what a normal therapist could do, they checked him in to Hope Grove, despite his insistence that he does not belong there. After all, he does not belong anywhere on this earth.

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